InMobi launches Programmatic Exchange in APAC

InMobi, a global provider of mobile enterprise platforms, has launched its Programmatic Exchange for the Asia Pacific region. A mobile-only programmatic platform, InMobi aims to reach 800 million mobile devices while giving it unparalleled scale through mobile in-app.

According to the press statement, InMobi’s expertise will aid advertisers and agencies to accelerate and future-proof their programmatic mobile spends to reach audiences at scale across all markets. This will also lead InMobi Exchange to be an in-app video advertising platform.

Abhay Singhal, co-founder and president-advertising cloud at InMobi said that the growth of programmatic relies on three pillars, namely in-app, mobile video with overarching requirement of trust and transparency. He added that the InMobi Exchange will deliver on all three fronts.

“Our commitment to mobile programmatic since 2012 has paid off significantly. As front runners in this space focused exclusively on the in-app business over the last decade, we are able to leverage our expertise in complex campaign delivery. Also, our extensive network of data accounts for 1.6 billion users, half of which resides in the APAC region. This launch will accelerate our growth exponentially enabling us to capture 10-15% of the programmatic market by 2020,” Singhal said.

According to the company, the in-app industry has been projected to grow from SG$38.5 bn in 2017 to SG$77 bn in 2021 in Asia Pacific. Southeast Asia has seen an increase in app-spends which is attributed to the growth of mobile apps in markets such as Singapore and Indonesia.

“The potential of mobile far exceeds what is available today in the APAC region. Both mobile in-app and video will constitute 85% of all programmatic buying by 2020. An exponential growth, given that today, mobile-only comprises 40% of all digital programmatic buying and within that in-app takes up a measly 15%,” Jayesh Easwaramony, senior vice president and managing director, APMEA at InMobi said. He added that the 65% of the time spent on digital channels are on mobile apps.