Infographic: What do Hong Kong people think about UBER?

Since the launching of Uber in Hong Kong, the car-hailing app has received a lot of attention. While government and taxi companies allege Uber is illegal, opinions from the general public on whether it should be banned are diverse.

YouGov, an online market research company, conducted a survey of 1,344 people between 21 and 24 August 2015 to understand what Hong Kong people think about Uber.

When asked about Uber, the majority (91%) of Hong Kong residents said they knew about the company, while 69% said they had not. Some 22% said they have used Uber.

People with higher income (95%) have heard of Uber service more than people with lower income (82%).

Respondents who have used Uber service, 79% would rate the service positively (good & excellent). In comparison with online booking taxi(s), general taxi received a low rating (22% positive).

Overall, top 3 reasons for people to use Uber:

  • Uber drivers demonstrate better customer service than taxi drivers (48%)
  • The vehicle from Uber looks better/more comfortable than a taxi (44%)
  • It’s usually difficult to find a taxi (38%)

Among those who have used Uber before, 55% think that government should legalise Uber, in response to their opinion regarding Uber legality.

See the details in the below infographic.

uber uber2 uber3 uber4 uber6





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