Indosat Ooredoo uses tradition of kissing hands to remind consumers to stay connected

Indosat Ooredoo's Ramadan campaign features a brand new single written and produced by Indonesia’s leading singer-songwriter Sal Priadi, titled “Bulan yang Baik” (The most auspicious month). The video, which garnered over 43 million views on YouTube at the time of writing, features two sisters going through the different phases in life and encountering various experiences. Throughout these experiences, one thing that remains constant is the act of kissing their elders' hands.

The gesture is a central aspect of celebrating Ramadan and Eid, as younger members of the family seek blessing from the elders during Islam’s most auspicious month. With physical distancing measures still in place and the ongoing homecoming ban from the government, kissing the hand of the esteemed ones in the family has become something the nation will not be able to do for the second time this Ramadan.

Additionally, Indosat Ooredoo also reminds consumers that despite the pandemic, individuals can still socialise with their family and friends through the Internet, and share the heartwarming moments of Ramadan.

Fahroni Arifin, SVP, brand management and strategy, Indosat Ooredoo said Ramadan in Indonesia will never be the same without physical closeness, without kissing the hands of parents and the people consumers respect.

"Yet many of us found ourselves once again not being able to do that this year. We understand the importance of it culturally. As one of the biggest telco brands in Indonesia, we would like to enable everyone in Indonesia to still be connected to their dearest ones and show appreciation of their presence in our lives despite the situation," he added.

Meanwhile, Mata Angin's ECD Yohannes Muliady explained that the story of the video itself, though fictional, is a composite of many true stories the industry has heard happened throughout Indonesia. "Inevitably, many of us have suffered many personal losses and that should strengthen our determination to hold on and stay connected to those who are most precious to us," Muliady said.

At the same time, parent company Ooredoo Group also unveiled its Ramadan campaign aimed at raising awareness on digital responsibility and ensuring the Internet is a more positive environment for all. The campaign is said to be different from the usual promotional Ramadan campaign, typical Ramadan music video, or a standard goodness campaign. The animated film for the campaign launched across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, and seeks to reinforce the message that online safety and positivity are the responsibility of everyone. 

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