Indosat Ooredoo experiments with Twitter's new ad feature to reach young Indonesians

Telcommunication company IM3 Ooredoo, also known as Indosat Ooredoo, has launched a "Collabonation" campaign, a movement which aims to encourage young Indonesians to express their interest in creating creative and positive digital content by collaborating with anyone, from friends to experienced content creators. 

The campaign makes use of Twitter's recently launched ad product "Promoted Trend Spotlight", which has been made available in 14 countries including six countries in the APAC region (Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, India, Japan, and South Korea). According to a post on Twitter's official blog, Promoted Trend Spotlight allows brands to use video formats on Twitter, while gaining maximum visibility in the Explore menu. 

Fahroni Arifin, senior vice president, head of brand management and strategy, Indosat Ooredoo said the telco is the first brand in Indonesia to use the Promoted Trend Spotlight feature to launch a campaign. Arifin added that the feature makes it easier for audience to be exposed to Collabonation's latest updates and encourage them to take part in the movement. He also said the feature created a positive impact, bringing the brand closer to its audience throughout Indonesia. The Promoted Trend Spotlight feature on Twitter allows brands to display their content in video format at the top of Twitter's "Explore" tab. Brands can also adjust the creative assets they use on that day and organise the message they want to convey to the audience. When a user has visited and seen a Spotlight ad twice a day, the ad will be placed into the regular Promoted Trend and replaced with organic content.

Being at the top of the Explore menu, Spotlight takeover ad is said to be able to distinguish a brand from other brands on Twitter by displaying ads alongside well-curated editorial content. According to Twitter's internal data, users are more likely to click on ads through Promoted Trend Spotlight three times more than the regular Promoted Trend.

Meanwhile, Twitter has also launched a new feature in Brazil called "Fleets". According to Twitter, Fleets are posts that disappear after 24 hours and have no Retweets, likes or public comments. Twitter hopes this new feature will encourage users to be more comfortable in sharing everyday thoughts, and talk about issues that they would not usually be comfortable with normal Tweets. Twitter has chosen to launch the feature in Brazil as it is one of the countries where people talk the most on Twitter.

Closer to home, Twitter has also recently formed its first engineering centre in Singapore as part of its expansion in the APAC high-growth region. It was said to hire 65 technical talent in Singapore covering product engineering, software engineering, data engineering and data science. The engineering centre is said to help Twitter strengthen its global engineering capabilities, as well as improve service availability and reliability for people who use Twitter around the world. 

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