Indonesian influencer network Famous Allstars unveils


Famous Allstars (FAS), a company focusing on influencers, content and entertainment, recently launched the platform to connect brands to more than 20,000 registered influencer accounts. The platform is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Indonesia reach nano, micro, macro and top tier influencers on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Meanwhile, FAS is also working with the Bukalapak pelapak (seller) community to boost its marketing strategy.

Using the platform, FAS said companies can attract the most appropriate influencers they require quickly. There is also transparent pricing, where users can determine their own costs issued and secure payment. FAS added that a refund is guaranteed when there is a cancellation. has two main features - Allstars Assistant and Allstars Project. The former will connect brands with influencers who match their target market to publish content specifically designed for the brand. The latter will connect brands with influencers who are within the companies' budgets and target audiences based on self-prepared content.

According to FAS business director Alex Wijaya, the company sees the need among SMEs in Indonesia for influencers to improve the brand awareness of their company and products. However, there is a perception that influencers are expensive, and aims to help brand owners find suitable influencers.