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Indian retailer challenges convention with progressive ad [VIDEO]

Indian brand clothing company Biba has released an ad #ChangeIsBeautiful that has been garnering positive reviews in India and has caught the attention of some press globally.

The ad campaign has been praised for its progressive take on arranged marriage in India where it is customary for couples to tie the knot after the parents have agreed to proceed with the match.

Normally tilted to favour the groom’s outcome, the process of arranged marriage is challenged in the video when the bride’s father requests to visit the suitor’s home, explaining: “Our daughter also wants to see if you can do household chores and if you can cook”.

This meaningful gesture overturns the traditional mores of arranged marriages where the bride is usually expected to prove her value to the groom’s family. Advocating for equality, the ad shows that the burden of matrimonial duties can be squarely shouldered by both husband and wife if both are willing to enter into a fair partnership that goes beyond a contracted merging of families.


The ad has been met with rave reviews for its modern stance on arranged marriage with some viewers noting that it’s a step to breaking cultural stereotypes:

On Facebook, the video has already garnered over 7.7 million views since its upload on 29 December 2015.

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