Independent creative shop Rawspark opens up doors in Malaysia

Independent creative agency?Rawspark has launched a new site and film as part of the agency's brand refresh as it looks to expand into Malaysia.? Some of its Singapore clients include DBS Bank, Resorts World Sentosa and National Arts Council. Rawspark also announced its new partnerships with fintech company Revolut and concert promoter AC Music Entertainment, as well as new conceptual IPs including music festival LEGACY 2019.

Speaking to Marketing, Caspar Francis (pictured), CEO of?Rawspark said Rawspark will open a Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur by July 2020. Marking as the company's first overseas venture, the Malaysia?office will not only serve as a extension of its Singapore head counterpart, but also as home-ground for further exploration into the Malaysian market from its existing Malaysian clientele. Currently, Rawspark works with?Persetuan Graduan (the Graduan Organisation), and is in talks with new clients for the year 2020.

According to Francis, the plan to venture into the Malaysia market came after clinching the creative account for Persetuan Graduan. "We noticed there is still a lot of room (for us) to potentially expand in the creative/technology-for-art sector in Malaysia, and with the potential for further growth among our Malaysian partners, we sought that as a way to expand our market," he said.?The agency is also on the lookout for six full time staff for its Malaysia office, as Francis will oversee hires and management in both markets.

To break into the Malaysia market, the Rawspark team's strategy will center around leveraging current Malaysian partners, and internally placing more focus on multi-media and technology as opposed to its ?cultural-approach? in Singapore. According to Rawspark, this enables the agency to create immersive digital content such as AR/MR/Live Streams of different formats, that is also geared towards on-ground brand experience.

Meanwhile, its?brand refresh was for the company to better define the overall brand persona, and what Rawspark has eventually grown to be over the short span of just under two years.?From a design perspective, the site is more streamlined, and amplifies the projects which eventually defines the company.? According to Francis, the agency looks to position itself as a creative studio that is rooted in branded media entertainment. "Ultimately we create brand experiences by trying to intersect culture and storytelling with a music, video and tech focus. We don?t just use that to set us a apart, but more of encapsulating a brand with a story-lifestyle-entertainment focus, rather than just value proposition," he said.

"We?re also looking to integrate user-generated content and leverage sharing platforms with our own content and technology as well. Hopefully that eventually pivots over time with us bleeding into ATL, BTL, broadcast, digital marketing. Of course, quality and creativity stays as a competitive edge," Francis explained.