#ImOnYourTeam: Breast Cancer Foundation's latest campaign encourages support from men

Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) has launched a men's outreach digital campaign titled "#ImOnYourTeam", using a more inclusive approach towards men in its commitment to raising breast cancer awareness. BCF aims to raise 2,000 pledges from men to urge the women in their lives to conduct regular breast self-examination and/or go for mammograms.

"#ImOnYourTeam" will run on BCF's Facebook, Instagram and Youtube platforms until October, which is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ketchum Singapore, Fuse Creative and 90 Seconds were involved in the campaign.

Breast cancer is often assumed to be a "woman's issue", and men do not have a part to play in the mission to eradicate the disease. The video, however, highlights the fact that different men in a woman's life such as her son, father, friends and colleagues, are affected when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and can play a significant role.


Social media influencers such as Benjamin Toh also known as Typical Ben, Eden Ang, Fauzi Aziz and Yap Xin De, as well as media content partner SGAG, have come on board to pledge their support for their family and friends.

Men are encouraged to pledge their support by following these three steps: post a photo or video of an important woman in their lives on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, explaining what she means to them; take the pledge to encourage her to do self-examination and/or mammograms; and include the hashtags #ImOnYourTeam and #BCFSG, as well as tag three other gentlemen to do the same.

“At Breast Cancer Foundation, our mission is to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. With the  #ImOnYourTeam men’s outreach digital campaign, our aim is to engage the men in our community to help advocate for regular screening.  We want to raise awareness among men about the importance of their role in women’s fight against breast cancer," Katherine Tan, general manager, Breast Cancer Foundation, said.

"Early detection saves lives and breasts, so men need to take proactive steps to encourage the women in their lives to conduct regular breast checks and go for screening," she added.

“At SGAG, we believe in supporting and playing our part in raising awareness amongst our audience for meaningful causes. The work that Breast Cancer Foundation is doing is extremely meaningful and we will do all we can to support their campaign,” Karl Mak, co-founder, SGAG, said.