Product recall: Ikea rolls back Gothem lamp bases

Ikea is recalling all its Gothem floor and table lamp bases due to possible electric shock risks.

The recall comes after examples of damaged cables in the lamp bases have been found, which can lead to the metal body of the lamp base becoming electrically live and become a safety hazard.

Ikea urged all customers that possess a Gothem lamp base to immediately stop usage and to return it to any Ikea stores for a full refund. There is no need for proof of purchase.

The recall affects two table lamp bases (H35cm and H45cm), and one floor lamp base (H124cm) of the Gothem model. The Gothem lamp bases have been sold in all Ikea markets since October 2015.

While no one is injured by the lamps, Ikea has received incident reports from two customers and one store staff who have got electric shocks from using the product.

No incidents have been reported in Malaysia.

Safe products have always been an Ikea priority and the products are being recalled to avoid injuries and to create awareness of the hazard.