iflix to invest US$5m in new Creators Hub

Iflix is investing up to US$5 million to launch a Creators Hub in partnership with Next 10 Ventures, a venture group focused on the creator economy. The Creators Hub will fund and accelerate the development of new online video creation in Southeast Asia.

The US$5 million will go to 30 select content creators across Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines to facilitate and advance their story-telling and film-making capabilities. The partnership is a joint commitment and investment in local filmmakers, aimed at filling a gap in the existing model, guaranteeing an income stream for talented storytellers and supporting them with a large platform and creative environment alongside local, regional and international peers.

Next 10 Ventures will oversee the program and support to the creators as they grow their careers and bring their creative visions to life. In addition, Next 10 Ventures will provide guidance and support for creators with an emphasis on community building, creator wellness and career counseling, skills and experience development, and creative inspiration for future content development.

The iflix Creators Hub will launch in April 2019 with a boot camp in Bali where participants will have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow creators, and receive hands-on training related to content production, programming and planning. Both companies will also pilot a live event experience in Jakarta in the second half of 2019, focused on bridging the gap between consumers and the online creator community.

Built with a creator-centric approach in mind and focus on meaningful content, Next 10 Ventures was established in March 2018 with offices in Singapore and Los Angeles, and is led by Benjamin Grubbs, formerly YouTube’s global director of top creator partnerships. Grubbs founded the company with a mission to propel the long-term growth and sustainability of the creator ecosystem.

Craig Galvin, iflix, global head of content said, “Working with local content creators, we have been consistently inspired and impressed with the level of talent and creativity that exists natively in our markets. We are very excited to partner with Next 10 Ventures to invest in, develop and support this and future generations of filmmakers through the iflix Creators Hub.”

“We are combining iflix’s reach and commitment to supporting local storytellers, with our years of experience working with online content creators. This program will bring creators in Southeast Asia a new way to realise their creative vision and set themselves up for a long-lasting career,” Grubbs said.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)