iflix partners adtech firm Xandr to make ad inventory more accessible

Video streaming provider iflix and AT&T’s advertising and analytics company Xandr have partnered to make ad inventory more accessible. As part of the agreement, Xandr becomes a key programmatic provider for iflix’s in-stream display solutions.

This will allow advertisers to employ native pause ads and leaderboard overlay ads on iflix’s inventory, increasing their brand awareness. Native pause ads enable advertisers to reach viewers seamlessly during paused video, while leaderboard overlay ads display a brand’s message to users directly from within the viewing experience.

Additionally, iflix's brand solutions business, iflix Advertising, will adopt Xandr’s selling platform. Named Xandr Monetize, it expands the ways in which content owners and distributors can package, sell, and measure performance across all formats, screens, and devices. Media companies can leverage its strategic inventory management and data-driven yield optimisation capabilities to unlock the full value of their content and improve the advertising experience for consumers.

Meanwhile, iflix’s programmatic in-stream video inventory is also made available to buyers in the Xandr marketplace. They can reach and capture insights from native app, mobile web, tablets, connected TV, and desktop viewers across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“As we double down on our advertising business, we’re committed to making our premium inventory even more accessible to marketers. Xandr’s comprehensive inventory management solutions, cutting-edge video technology and strategic support made adoption of Xandr Monetize an easy choice,” said Charles Less, iflix head of sales.

Tae Kyu (TeQ) Kim, director, global supply evangelism team at Xandr, said the partnership delivers on Xandr’s promise to expand and optimise the ways in which advertisers in Southeast Asia can connect with valuable consumers on premium local video inventory. “Our collaborative approach with our clients ensures that iflix is able to package and sell its inventory in the ways that work best for its business and its consumers," he added.

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