IdeasXMachina wins five accounts in three months since 4As AOY

IdeasXMachina has no plans to rest on its laurels anytime soon after rapidly securing new clients and projects since winning the Independent Agency of the Year at the 4A’s AOYs last August, Marketing can reveal.

In an interview, IXM CEO Third Domingo said that the 4-year old creative agency has never been busier, winning an impressive five new accounts just three months since the awards.

Here is a list of IXM’s latest accomplishments:

  • Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, (PCPPI), one of its biggest clients, expanded IXM’s duties. Aside from Tropicana Coco Quench, the following brands have also been assigned to them: Sips choco-milk drink, Milkis carbonated milk drink, Slush frozen products and Let's Be ready-to-drink coffee in can.
  • Assigned the creative duties of Happy Mobile, a new mobile phone player in the Philippine market first picked up by the media and local bloggers this November.
  • IXM has also re-launched Speed Babad, a detergent brand of Wellmade Manufacturing Corp, with the "Linis na Kitamoy" campaign.
  • Lorenzana Corporation, the company behind the iconic Lorins Patis and Lorins Bagoong brands, took notice of IXM as well, entrusting the company’s first sizeable trimedia advertising and social media effort to date to the agency.
  • Organica Nutraceuticals awarded IXM its Sleepasil sleeping supplement account and is currently working on an ATL campaign to launch Q1 of 2015.

One-hit wonder?

IXM had the luck of being able to build some momentum over the course of its first three years and the AOY award accelerated that momentum, says the ex-Publicis creative. At first, Domingo thought it was only important to himself but he realized that his whole team was as ecstatic and emotional as he is.

“Then I discovered my guys we're selling their souls to the devil for the award. This was an important win, indeed.”

“Not just because of the validation, which naturally comes with the award, but because my guys really believed, even more than I did, that we deserved it. These are a bunch of young, passionate creative people who have made some personal sacrifices for the career that we chose. We are a tightly knit group of crazies who love what we do, and who, therefore, think, that love wins.”

Coming up with a great idea is just half the job. Making other people embrace it is the other half. Domingo believes the AOY trophy helps in taking care of that other half but the recognition brings with it new challenges. The biggest of which is to produce campaigns that is not just beautiful but effective and infectious worthy of a podium finish every single year, he explained.

“The thing that comes with recognition is vulnerability. And on that stage, all I can think of are all the preparations that I need to do to keep it up for myself and for the people working for me.”

“It's easy to win awards. What's hard is to win it again. And again. And again. Consistently. The award is important in that more than satisfy, it should fuel hunger. It should fuel the desire to be better.”

Now under the creative limelight, IXM is building its creative muscle by hiring four new art directors, three senior accounts executives and a copywriter to respond to its current load and expected influx of new clients.

“Now there's no backing down. This is just the start. The real start. Now the real work happens,” says Domingo.