Hyundai cars flaunt their dynamics all around town

Komoco Motors, the official distributor for Hyundai has unveiled the first ever Hyundai Motor Squad with Mediacorp OOH Media to introduce Hyundai’s first hybrid technology, the IONIQ.

The IONIQ is available in three different powertrains: Electric, Plug-in Electric and Hybrid. The Hybrid will be the first available option in Singapore – which is powered by a combine engine that works on battery and petrol.

Bringing the Hyundai showroom experience out to the streets, the Hyundai Motor Squad is a roving convoy comprising a 24-footer transformer truck from Mediacorp OOH Media and six cars from four of Hyundai’s iconic models. Wrapped in striking decals, the 4 models includes: Elantra, Sante Fe, Tucson and Sonata.

Augmenting the Hyundai Motor Squad branding livery on the 24-footer transformer truck, a LED screen was mounted onto the exterior of the truck. As the convoy roves around, stills of Hyundai’s various car models are screened.

Starting from 8 November 2016, the Hyundai Motor Squad will be roving island-wide from 10am – 7pm daily on weekdays (except Mondays) until 4 December 2016. On weekends, the truck will be morphed into a mini-laboratory at different locations, where members of the public are welcomed on board to learn about Hyundai’s eco-friendly cars.

To create an immersive experience, video clips and VR experiences are available on the truck. They also get to test drive different cars on showcase during the activations, maximizing engagement and interactivity.

Komoco Motors Representative said, “We are pleased to partner Mediacorp OOH Media to introduce the Hyundai Motor Squad and the IONIQ to the public in a unique way. With their help, we were able to bring Hyundai’s first of its kind experience to our target audiences while communicating directly with them.”

Henry Goh, head of OOH Media said, “Other than crafting routes catering to our client’s preferences, the same truck can be used for experiential executions which ensures on-point targeting. For Hyundai, OOH Media also roped in Mediacorp’s in-house creative team to execute the visual designs, and this is what our advertisers and clients can expect.”

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