Hydroponic farm Sustenir unveils 'carbon currency' to rally support for local produce

Singapore-born hydroponic farm, Sustenir has launched a "carbon currency" to show the environmental impact and the huge carbon debt that Singapore owes to the world. Named "Choose Good. Do Good.", the campaign is launched across print, out-of-home, social media, influencers and PR channels.

Sustenir's first-ever brand marketing campaign was created by Iris Singapore, and it aims to spread awareness about the "enormous" carbon footprint and food waste imported logistics cause and rally Singaporeans to mitigate climate action by choosing local.

The carbon currency highlights the difference between imported food and Sustenir’s vertically grown products. The carbon cost of one day’s worth of imported lettuce is said to be equivalent to 28 trips around the world, and the carbon equivalent of one day’s import of leafy greens is found to be equivalent to leaving a car running for seven years.

Ben Swan, co-founder and CEO of Sustenir, explained that he hopes to encourage more to commit to building a circular economy by using fewer natural resources such as land and water, and maximising yield that is nutritious and harvested every day.

Meanwhile, Iris Singapore MD Sorcha John said that while most people are aware that adopting sustainable ways of living are critically important, they often think that "good choices don’t exist, or isn't convenient". Given the magnitude of the climate crisis and the rhetoric that surrounds it, individuals often feel powerless in making a tangible difference.

"This campaign is Sustenir’s first opportunity to raise awareness of the true environmental cost of imported food. Through this work, we hope to help Singapore understand how important individual actions are in creating the much-needed global change," he said.

Founded in Singapore in 2013, Sustenir was lauded by Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong for being a key initiative in his “30 by 30” vision that will enable the island nation locally produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030 to help ensure food security and combat climate change. To date, Sustenir has raised US$ 15.4m from Singapore venture capital firm Temasek Holdings and Australia-based private investment firm Grok Ventures to invest in hydroponic technology.

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