Pulsate's big data collaboration

Pulsate, a Pulse Group venture specialising in big data, has collaborated with Dell, Intel, and Revolution Analytics to set up Malaysia's first Big Data Solutions Centre and Big Data Academy.

This collaboration gathers expertise from the four companies and will offer big data analytics infrastructure, solutions, training and proof-of-concept for innovative projects for businesses and government organisations.

"With this collaboration, we aim to build a supply to gather consumer insights at the front end of big data predictive analytics solutions. We believe Asia has the highest long-term growth potential for big data as organisations are only now starting to realise its numerous benefits. The synergy with our marketing analytics history and Asian dominance puts us in a good position to capitalise on the growth for big data applications in Asia going forward," said Bob Chua (pictured), Pulse Group CEO.

"Pulsate will also be setting up a Big Data Academy in Kuala Lumpur later this year. The first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region, this academy will not only reinforce Pulsate's leadership position across Asia but will also benefit the entire marketing ecosystem in the country and around Asia while providing the platform for talent data scientist and analyst to grow."

Chua previously announced plans to become Asia's premier big data solutions provider and will leverage on its marketing analytics business to lead in the predictive analytics space.

Prakash Mallya, country manager of Intel Malaysia and Singapore, described the partnership as a realisation of the company's vision to help customers, organisations, governments and ISVs in Southeast Asia to maximise growing market opportunities and drive new projects forward.

Over the last three to four years, Dell has been rapidly expanding its enterprise capabilities through acquisitions.

The International Data Corp (IDC) projects the global big data technology and services market to grow to US$23.8 billion by 2016. IDC expects big data spending in the Asia-Pacific excluding Japan to reach US$603 million in 2013, up 42.6% over 2012.