HSBC unwillingly pulled in to Hong Kong’s democracy debate

The Occupy protests have shown the endless creativity of Hong Kong people. But that creativity is now hurting some of the city’s biggest brands.

A mock HSBC print ad featuring two identical images of a pro-democracy protester carrying an open umbrella in yellow under a tagline “patriot” and another “traitor” – was spotted at one of the protest sites earlier this week, reigniting debate over the political stance of the global bank.

“The more you look at the world, the more you recognize what really matters to people,” the ad states.

The ad looks to mock HSBC’s previous print ad from its global campaign “Point of View”.

When reached my Marketing, HSBC’s communications department declined to comment on the mock advertisement.

Ironically, the ad, follows widespread speculation that HSBC has frozen advertising in pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily after mounting political pressure.

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