HSBC Singapore gets everyone thinking 'Why Stop Here?'

HSBC Singapore has launched a multi-year brand message titled "Why Stop Here?". Through the brand message, the bank wants to convey that in a constantly changing world, the path to future prosperity is through applying a growth mindset and always looking for ways to improve. The brand message will be implement on four levels: employees, customers, society and the way it runs the bank.

For employee, HSBC will be looking to implement it through empowerment to focus constant skills development, career management and well-being. For the customers, the bank will be conveying the idea of personal self-improvement or for corporate clients to be "borderless" in their thinking for how they will sustainably grow. The brand message also looks to reinforce behaviours that are part of HSBC’s corporate values and aim to iteratively improve speak up, processes and build our people’s capability. On a wider scale, the brand message hopes to encourage Singapore, as a society, to be conscious in building a more sustainable future.

Tony Cripps, CEO, HSBC Singapore, said: “With a focus on appealing to internationally-oriented members of society and customers, 'Why Stop Here?' is a provocation to inspire aspiring change-makers to break out of their comfort zones by turning their greatest achievements into challenges starting with a simple question: ‘Why stop here?’”

Cripps added that the central idea of the brand platform is that the team at HSBC places themselves to the highest standards and levels of accountability. "We can’t expect this of others if we can’t apply it to ourselves first. This ethos will guide us in the way operate: for customers, employees and society.”

The brand platform is said to reflect HSBC Singapore’s values and aspirations for its customers, employees, wider society, and the bank to constantly seek to grow, develop and improve. It also comes as the bank said it is "during a time of change". HSBC added that in the coming months, there will be new developments for the bank. This includes continued investment into its propositions, technology and people as it seeks to increase market share, focus on skills development and career management of staff, and continued focus on staff wellness and adapting to the future of work.

Earlier this year in August, HSBC Singapore launched a campaign with the help of Digitas and PHD to relaunch its HSBC Revolution Credit Card. The campaign shows HSBC Singapore taking "a bold stance" to focus on empowering consumers to live a more conscious lifestyle through the HSBC Revolution Credit Card’s refreshed benefits available on the HSBC Singapore app.

The campaign began with a Google-partnered workshop and deep dived into consumer insights and trends to understand the fundamental needs of the customers.  According to a release, some of the consumer trends uncovered as part of the campaign see individuals moving into a new era of conscious living and spending, exacerbated by COVID-19 and its impact on world economies; health – physical and mental wellbeing; environment – mindful of the carbon footprint behind every purchase and decision; and financial health – faster and more convenient ways of managing finances.

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