HSBC Life launches new campaign with refreshed brand proposition

HSBC’s wholly-owned life insurance business has been renamed “HSBC Life” with a refreshed brand proposition. With the unveiling of the new brand, HSBC Life has launched a comprehensive campaign “Because a promise is a promise”, emphasising the company’s determination to be a life-long partner of customers.

The campaign includes a 30-second ad, 60-second ad, social media and massive out-of-home marketing plan.

Edward Moncreiffe, CEO of HSBC Life Hong Kong, said: “Life is filled with promises. It takes a few seconds to make a promise, but keeping it may take longer or even a lifetime. At HSBC Life, we are honoured to be in the business to support our customers to keep the promises – from life protection, critical illness, retirement, annuity, children education to savings insurance.”  

“Promise” is a common word used in the insurance industry. HSBC Life campaign emphasises not just the moment the promise is made, but about the persistence, passion, and can-do spirit they uphold.

Diane Chiu, head of marketing, retail banking and wealth management HSBC Hong Kong, said: “The latest brand campaign shows that HSBC Life understands people’s determination to keep their promises and strive to be a partner to our customers, to advance their prosperity so they can keep their promises and prosper.”

The ad follows an endearing story of a grade-school boy who makes a promise to protect an egg for 2 weeks. He protects his egg with all his heart and capacity no matter what obstacles he encounters, demonstrating it is not just about making promises, but the effort and perseverance needed to realise that promise over time.  

When he is pressing on to finish the mission, the egg almost drops when he gets off a bus. At this critical moment, there is a man tries his very best to save the egg. He makes the day of the boy. It symbolises the role HSBC Life and how insurance plays the critical role to make the day when something unexpected happens.  

“Making a promise and then working hard to keep a promise is part of every Hong Kongers’ goal. So when crafting this campaign we wanted the story and the talent to reflect the strong character that resides in Hong Kong society today,” said Alexis Chiu, group managing director, Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong. “The HSBC Life personas that Hong Kongers can relate to are reliable, approachable and sincere. The endearing child in the campaign represents youth and innocence, while still showing the persistence and ability to deliver his promise no matter what comes across his path. The story holistically embodies the intrinsic power of Hong Kongers.”  


Client: HSBC Life

Director: Alfred Hau @ Off-Lo-Hi

Photographer: Lewis Ho & Benny Lam @ Studio Incline

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi