HSBC Insurance launched badminton zone to promote active lifestyle

HSBC Insurance brought interactive badminton-themed activities to the heart of Hong Kong in support of the group’s partnership with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and to encourage the public to stay active and take a proactive and preventative approach in personal health management.

Created with the purpose of educating the general public on some of the skills required to excel in badminton, one of Hong Kong’s most popular sports and favourite pastimes, the four-day initiative took place from 26th to 29th July at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay.

The free-for-all HSBC Insurance Badminton Zone offered members of the public a chance to test their reactions, and hand-eye coordination, let their imagination run wild with ‘Smashing Save’ optical illusion art, as well as to enter into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) for a badminton challenge. In operation rain or shine between midday and 9pm, there were prizes to be won through participation in the three activities and engagement with HSBC’s official Facebook Page, and participants’ own Instagram and WeChat platforms.

HSBC Insurance also introduced a badminton quiz game next month for fans to win tickets to the Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships (Hong Kong Open) and a second in-city badminton experience in November at a different shopping centre. Featuring a badminton court for members of the public to play in an unusual location, the event will kick-off a week of badminton fever in the city ahead of the Hong Kong Open, one of the most important stops on the HSBC BWF World Tour.

This badminton-themed initiative is the latest in the bank’s mission to encourage the public to stay active and take a proactive and preventative approach in personal health management.

Agnes Chan, chief customer officer Hong Kong of HSBC Insurance, said: “Badminton is a popular sport played by a majority of the public as it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and gender. As Hong Kong’s leading life insurer, HSBC Insurance is committed to making sport events more accessible to members of the public, to encourage them to stay active, so they can be proactive in leading fit, happy, and healthy lifestyles. HSBC Group became a global partner of the Badminton World Federation in January, and we are delighted to support this meaningful partnership and help promote the sport, and continue to deepen our relationship with fans, athletes, our customers, and the phblic through our badminton-themed event and activation. We are in the heart of the school summer holidays, and we hope parents will bring their kids to enjoy the activities we have organised, and to pick up their rackets to play some badminton.”

Renowned entertainer Steven Ma Chun-wai and TVB celebrity Nancy Wu Ting-yan joined HSBC Insurance senior executive to officially open the Badminton Zone earlier today by being amongst the first to try their hands on the games.

Ma, a regular badminton player and passionate fan of the sport commented: “I have been playing badminton since 2003. I like it because it uses every part of your body, it is so fast and gives you a real work out. The HSBC Insurance Badminton Zone is a great idea as it allows you to learn that badminton is much more than just serves, smashes, forehands, and backhands with a racket. Quick reactions and hand-eye coordination are required to make you a better player. Badminton brings together friends and families, and promotes a healthy lifestyle for all, and that is why I am so passionate about it.”