HPB brings back the National Steps Challenge for second season

Health Promotion Board has relaunched its National Steps Challenge. This follows the success of its first season which saw over five billion steps being clocked within the first month of the campaign. The media agency for this campaign was MEC Singapore.

The aim of this campaign is to spread awareness, generate interest and participation in the National Steps Challenge’s second season. Singaporeans are encouraged to be more physically active by taking more steps in their daily lives anytime, anywhere; and tracking their steps to be rewarded.

Through the campaign, HPB hopes to change the problem of physical inactivity in Singaporeans, a result of sitting the entire day. Statistics show that 41% of Singapore’s workforce sits at least eight hours a day and 54% do not engage in exercise.

The board also recently used augmented reality to promote its latest health message, “F.I.G.H.T The Spread for Those You Love”.  This is to encourage commuters to prevent the spread of flu and other infectious diseases.

To create the effect, three-dimensional germs were projected on a pathway beside the travellators within the Dhoby Ghaut station along SBS Transit’s North East Line (NEL). Commuters walking along the pathway could “step or kick” the germs away, in the process enforcing the message to fight the spread of flu.