HP looks to inject life back into direct mailers

This Christmas, Hewlett-Packard (HP) brought back the joy of letter writing to young parents and their children. It developed a children story through a letter subscription service. This campaign was launched by Goodstuph.

The campaign would be run for a duration of five weeks. The agency has also launched a microsite where the first 500 subscribers would received letters on "The Adventures of Harriet Purrkins". These would be delivered straight to mailboxes island-wide.

The Adventures of Harriet Purrkins reinvents story time through a letter subscription service that tells the adventures of a resourceful young tortoiseshell cat who sets out to find her family’s long-lost treasure. Subscribers received five weekly chapters in the form of a printed letter. Exclusive discounts and promotions for HP printers and supplies were also offered.

“With Singaporeans consistently ranking high in longest working hours, moments that parents spend at home with their family are becoming increasingly precious,” shares Sang Hoon Park, HP Inc.’s country manager for print.

“Although printing may seem like an old method of communication, it still plays a critical role in delivering information in a meaningful way. With The Adventures of Harriet Purrkins, parents are given another opportunity to connect deeply with their children,” he added.