How to level up your video storytelling

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When it comes to content, “storytelling” has been picking up the trend to date. Previously, film and television has always influenced us to set high expectations for video storytelling. The problem is, the way audiences consume content online has changed, particularly with advances in mobile technology – which has implications for the way we craft visual stories, especially in the business world.

So the question is: how do we move from traditional conventions into this brave new world of video content? How do we win at video storytelling?

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1. Start with the “why”

Effective video storytelling begins with knowing why your content needs to exist. Your video must serve a purpose for your audience, as well as obviously meet business and content goals by communicating your key message and prompting behaviour with a call-to-action.

2. Forget everything you know about story arcs

Run a quick Google search on storytelling or video storytelling, and you’ll find people still reference Syd Field’s three-act story structure (with a hefty dose of conflict to move the plot along). As we mentioned earlier, the problem is, audiences don’t consume content the way they used to. Videos on social media, for example, aren’t film or TV – in this new era of the “attention economy”, disengaging videos are stoppable and skippable. So if your video isn’t delivering value in a timely manner, you may need to rethink the way you’re creating content.

3. The 3-10-30 rule

At Shootsta, we’re champions of the 3-10-30 rule: grabbing attention in the first three seconds, setting the scene in the first 10 seconds, and communicating your message in the first 30 seconds. After the 30-second mark, it’s all about keeping attention by adding new information, then ending and extending with your call to action.

And being us, we made a video about it – watch it here! 

At the end of the day, videos are the best method we have to communicate information – but they’re also an investment of time and often money. So to ensure your video content is meeting expectations (both for stakeholders and for audiences), it’s important to give your video storytelling the best chance for success.

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