How to land yourself a social media job

If you are going for a job interview for a social media or marketing opening, but don't know how to prepare, this article is tailor made for you.

I've talked with some of my friends in the industry, asked them what are some of their "must ask" questions for new comers to the industry.

"What do you do in spare time? What are your hobbies?" This is a question from a team leader who is more on the creative side in a digital agency. My friend is not discriminating against people for their specific interests. On the contrary, he's looking for people with diverse interest, who are capable of creating content of great variety.

"What's your view of long working hours?" There is no model answer for this question. Long working hours seems to be something one cannot avoid in agency life. The one who raised this is to see the attitude of a candidate.

"Digital and social media are always changing. How would you adapt to this rapidly changing life?" Again, no concrete answer. It's about attitude. This one tests how well one is prepared for a fast-pace evolving environment.

"How do you learn new things?" You should show how you could get new knowledge, and how passionate you are in this area.

"How did you get here?" The means of transport may interest some interviewer, who said the choice may reflect the character of an interviewee.

The last one could be the most interesting one. Interviewees are required to rate themselves on multiple skills and then tell the strengths and weaknesses in any of those area. This exercise helps my friend's team better understand candidates.

You may be aware that I've omitted knowledge related questions from the list, as knowledge and skills are something we can easily pick up. The above-mentioned questions are more on characters and attitude, especially the latter one. As long as one is keen to learn and try, there are a lot of fun in social media advertising, and your passion to your job will grow as well.

Jansen Lu is director, social business strategy at GroupM.