How Meadow Fresh is milking localisation to penetrate APAC markets

Following its move into the Asia Pacific market, dairy brand Meadow Fresh has launched a new brand campaign. The campaign, called “Meadow Fresh Moments”, looks to convey the message “growing goodness in every moment”. It was also the first time engaged in any advertising or digital marketing activity in Asia.

“The understanding of local culture, intricacies and nuances is also critical to ensure the brand would be able to provide real value and benefits to mothers in local markets,” Fiona Johnston, marketing director, international, Goodman Fielder said in a conversation with Marketing.

As such, a strategy for the brand was to focus on the need to identify the commonalities as well as the differences across the markets. This allowed it to build a “robust, evergreen brand territory” that would allow it to localise and tailor to different markets without losing the consistency of the message and story of the brand.

This included research on each target region’s attitudes into life as a mum and dairy to give important clues about the approach the campaign would take for the different markets. Thus, communications had to be about what mothers in different regions need and desire out of life, in all aspects including her own happiness and her kids health and wellbeing.

“We leveraged these local insights to cast local talent, create locally relevant ‘moments’ and recipes, and scripts for local cultures and produced in local language. This was while retaining the foundation of the quality, trust and security that comes from the origin of the brand,” Johnston added.

Bold new platforms for each region were also created to host and manage locally tailored content. The owned platforms were built as dynamic hubs to allow for different content formats to create active communities for mothers to find information, seek inspiration and connect with other mothers.

In addition, the digitally driven campaign was built around Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and as native ads on news publisher sites. Influencers and other strategic partnerships were also engaged to drive engagement and value beyond the products. This was further supported by collateral in-store, pop-up stalls and events on ground in each market and within key retailers.

The launch campaign ran for one and half months in each market to drive awareness and engagement, with planned brand and tactical campaigns. This started with Vietnam in February and moved on to Philippines in March before moving into Hong Kong and other strategic markets, Johnston explained.

The brand worked with Core Agency for strategy, creative concept and content planning, along with Electric Lime Productions Singapore for all video, Two Spuds Design for all visual creation. It also worked with BTL agency Cowan for packaging design and in store collateral.

The launch campaign was also built around emotional hooks that focus on the relationship with mother and child. It also looks to tell compelling stories from true insights by building conversations that resonate in ways that feel natural to mother.

It targeted mothers in urban areas with kids aged three to 12 years old as this demographic was most likely to step away from their local favourite, according to Meadow Fresh. As such, they were more likely to try a slightly higher priced, imported dairy brand, if it meant that they were purchasing higher quality, nutrient rich milk for their families.

Several objectives include creating a lasting impact on the female audience, building up a community over time and strengthening brand recognition and recall. The follow through of inspiration is also aim at increasing the shelf value Meadow Fresh products and drive sales.

“The product itself, while an important part of the campaign, could not be front and centre. This was about heroing the mothers; their role in building up the strongest, healthiest, happiest children,” the spokesperson said.

It was also about providing mothers with a platform and a community to interact and communicate both with other mothers as well as with experts and influencers in relevant areas, the statement added.