How low budget advertising works [VIDEO]

First it was Easy Taxi, now there's EasyVan, a newly launched app that connects people to a van removal company.

The app, widely believed to be a copycat of Easy Taxi, has unveiled a video called “The EasyVan Split” on social media, a parody of Volvo Trucks's "The Epic Split" with martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Clearly EasyVan is low budget, but it seems to have worked. Since its launch four months ago, the app has garnered roughly 60,000 downloads with 3,000 van drivers already registered.

Shingyuk Chow, founder of EasyVan, said online is the main channel for the launch, and has set a target half a million users by the end of this year.

The video has been watched 120,000 times and nearly 200 likes in just a week, a record that even some chain store giant like Watsons can only hope to achieve.

Watsons has launched a 30-sec TV commercial to push its revamped e-commerce app iWatsons, with a rather crude text-icon cartoon figure as ambassador.

In comparison, the purpose of its iWatsons tutorial clips on social media seems way clearer to audience, with higher simplicity and perspicuity of how the app works.