How Knorr’s ‘Home Dining Day’ video netted 1.5 million views

Knorr has teamed up with Vizeum for a video that has garnered close to 1.5 million views, 25k likes and shares, as well as more than 1,000 conversations and 80 media coverage in less than two weeks.

As part of Knorrs branding campaign “Home Dining Day”, the eight-minute teaser, hosted by Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), aims to encourage people, especially the younger generation, to dine at home with the reminder that there is no greater taste than a mother’s cooking.

The video follows a mother and son as they each share their personal sentiments on what a home-cooked meal means to them: the son, Clarence, speaks longingly about his mother’s cooking, but has been having progressively fewer and fewer dinners at home due to work or friends.

Clarence is then surprised with a home-cooked meal cooked by his mother as he watches a recording of his mother describe her love when she cooks for her son.

The video culminates with a touching moment at the end, when the teary-eyed host herself – who was watching enviously and reminiscing her own family dinners, broke down into tears when the production crew surprised and presented her with her grandmother’s signature dishes – at this point the viewer is also invariably reminded of his own childhood memories and connects with the video.

Josephine Chan, group product manager (Foods, Refreshment and Homecare), Unilever Hong Kong, said: “The video underscores the importance and intrinsic value of family love, where a simple taste of ‘home’ can instantly bring back comforting memories of family togetherness.

“We encourage our consumers to have home dinner with their families, in order to have nutritious food, and to help donate to the needy in Hong Kong via purchase.

“Our work with Vizeum has produced a memorable campaign with great results and has touched the hearts of people around Hong Kong,” she adds.

Pauline Chu, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network, Hong Kong, added: “In this day and age of increased mobility and technology we have become ever the more isolated. We wanted to create a day – and not just a campaign, to remind ourselves to celebrate ‘Home’ amidst the hustle and bustle. We’re delighted it resonated so strongly with people here in Hong Kong.”

Vizeum and Knorr have marked 10 October as the official “Home Dining Day”, where transactions with any Knorr products in Wellcome and ParknShop in HK, Unilever HK Limited will donate a total of 10,000 meals to local food bank, Feeding Hong Kong.

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