Yahoo streams self-produced entertainment shows

Yahoo Hong Kong continues its aggressive content marketing efforts with a brand new one-stop interactive video live streaming platform "Yahoo TV" to provide video-on-demand programmes on its front page as well as news app.

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Launched 20 June, the new platform covers online entertainment programmes that are either produced in-house, or through joint collaborations with media partners. One of the shows "Green light's ON", for instance, asks local performers to surprise the public during the 30-second green light period on a zebra crossing through a flash mob. Another show, dubbed "$1 Bidding Channel", invites netizens to take part by bidding for discounts and offers.

The platform, according to Yahoo Hong Kong & INSEA Sale's vice president and general manager Rico Chan, is Yahoo Hong Kong's latest bid to develop a new trend of short video content and enhance the integration of video live streaming and e-commerce.

"(This will) bring advertisers the most creative and targeted video content marketing solutions, as well as combine audience interaction with video content for more and better business opportunities," he explained.

According to Secret Tour Hong Kong, one of the creative agencies which collaborate with Yahoo, two of the three main programmes that they launched are so far generating positive results.

"Green light's ON", which was launched four days ago (22 June 2017), was viewed for over 276k times in two days. "Lunch Partners", which broadcast stars and celebrities' lunch live every day, has its first episode launched five days ago (21 June 2017), and achieved over 235k views that day.

Marketing will keep an eye on the platform to learn if the search engine company can compete with other platforms and regain its status as the one-stop content provider.