How creative automation helps marketers and designers


This post is sponsored by Celtra.

When it comes to digital brand content, we often think of marketers and designers as two sides of the same coin. While marketers focus on finding new ways to target their audiences and keep up with growing demands, designers are caught up in the actual campaign production and content scaling. Together, they help keep up with  accelerating market demands.

The need for new content grows day by day, which subsequently leads to marketers and designers falling behind. Manual methods of production simply cannot meet the challenge of delivering high volumes of quality content quickly and reliably. Instead, marketers and designers can look to automation.

Celtra’s Creative Automation provides both marketers and designers with the tools they need to scale creative production. From meeting growing consumer demands on content variety, to collaborating workflows and the streamlining production process, creative automation is the ultimate solution.

For marketers

First, let’s take a look at marketers. They are responsible for maintaining brand equity, meeting deadlines, and much more. Here are some of the top benefits for marketers from creative automation.  


Creative automation gives marketers the ability to increase creative output by making teams and workflows more efficient. This is done in a variety of ways. For example, creative automation allows marketers to receive immediate feedback and approval from creative teams. It also allows for easy, real-time campaign content updates. By effectively maximising workflows, creative automation helps marketers work smarter so they can spend more time planning for brand success.

Creative variety and volume

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that marketers face is producing enough creative variety to meet audience expectations. Well, creative automation makes it easier than ever before. It actually allows marketers to choose their own scaling dimensions and instantly generates all of the creative variations they need.


When we rush to meet tight deadlines, it can be easy to miss small mistakes. Sometimes correcting those errors can eat up not only your time, but your designer’s time as well. With the help of creative automation, marketers can update designs without even having to reach out to their designer. All you have to do is go into the content feed and make your tweaks, which are updated in real time. That way, anyone on your team can log in and make updates to optimise all of your campaign assets.

For designers

Now, let’s switch gears. Designers are often spread thin from the high demands of creative production. With the help of creative automation, designers can efficiently manage content scaling, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of Creative Automation for designers.  


The streamlined workflow, variety of templates, and connected content feed make it easy for designers to scale their creative volume at the push of a button. It eliminates all of the repetitive and mundane tasks that designers currently face when versioning assets. This efficiency allows designers to manage assets effortlessly and produce incredible creative without sacrificing all of their time. As a result, designers can focus more on their creative ideation and high priority tasks.

Streamlined workflow

Production should be simple. That’s why Celtra is integrated with Adobe Photoshop and other optimised design tools. The familiar landscape gives designers the ability to customise their assets effectively, but more importantly, Celtra’s design tools enable a streamlined workflow. Ultimately, this speeds up the entire process from design to production and approvals.


Say goodbye to the endless email chains. Celtra’s built-in preview and feedback tools speed up the review process by bringing all reviewers together in real time. Reviewers can easily provide feedback so that revisions can be made instantly. Thanks to Celtra, all stakeholders can come together on one platform for a faster and more dynamic creative production.  

The key takeaway

Whether you are a marketer or a designer, Celtra’s creative automation provides you with everything you need to efficiently scale creative production. From consistent design quality to effortless feedback, it drastically broadens the scope of your campaigns. With the help of creative automation, get ready to bring content scaling to the next level for your team’s marketers and designers.


The writer is Raushida Vasaiwala, general manager, APAC, Celtra.