How Above The Line’s quick reaction to COVID-19 became its path to success

The pandemic-induced new normal has urged every industry to explore new ways to survive and thrive. Boutique agencies are no different.

Founded in 2015, Above The Line has long held a reputation for its two founders’ respective prowess in handling technology and consumer brands. Last year, it responded to market demands by amplifying its revered traditional PR services to building KOL networks and visual storytelling through webinars, social media and videos.

Co-founder Candy Tong said their quick reactions have brought the company new clients in the past two years, including Hong Kong Cancer Fund, BMW Hong Kong, shopping mall T.O.P. at Mong Kok, Lee Gardens, Fashion Walk at Causeway Bay, AlipayHK, Lee Kam Kee and more.above the line photo 1

“We are grateful for all support we’ve seen, particularly from clients who appreciate our work through other partnerships,” said Tong. “For instance, Hang Heung Cake Shop became our client after witnessing the work we’ve done in its Easter collaboration with Ngong Ping 360, which has been our client since 2019.”

The pandemic also saw Above The Line tap into new industries, such as supplement label Perfect C; local mask maker Maskology; food and beverage brands like Lee Kam Kee and Global Link Japanese restaurants; plus, for some star power, XOVĒ – a skincare label helmed by renowned actress Gigi Lai.

Aside from a growing client base, Above The Line also played a monumental role in assisting its existing clients in navigating the new normal. For example, it hosted Hong Kong’s first VR event for Verizon Media’s 25th anniversary, featuring panda duos plus a gathering of the company’s top management from around the world. This panache to seamlessly transform from physical to digital spheres was soon applied to its clients across telecommunications, charities, gadgets, retail properties and more.

Co-founder Vivien Wong said, “The pandemic forced all industries into a chaotic whirlwind but the world has to move on. Our role was to help our clients brainstorm ways to keep the show going whilst ensuring everyone’s safety. These events quickly groomed our team’s online and technological know-how. But of course, we are grateful for trust from our clients and undue support during these difficult times.”above the line photoLooking ahead, Above The Line will establish a new branch “Above & Beyond”, dedicated to its CSR services centering on sustainability, innovation, wellness and more to capture the growing demands in this sector. Currently, it prides itself on clients in this realm such as Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Clean Air Network, Community Investment and Inclusion Fund, The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and more. More importantly, Above & Beyond will be a bridge between existing clients and NGOs. Through creating shared unique to each business, Above & Beyond hopes to amplify its sense of corporate brand leadership and social responsibility to the greater good.

“We’re blessed to have witnessed small success in our company. Now it’s time to give back,” said Wong. “We’re looking forward to where ‘Above & Beyond’ can take us and hope our clients can join us on this journey.”

This article is sponsored by Above The Line.