Hong Leong Bank connects digitally

Hong Leong Bank has integrated its current online personal internet banking service and a new mobile banking app under a core brand for its digital banking services, Hong Leong Connect.

The new mobile banking app comes with a social payment feature which offers customers the flexibility of paying anyone instantly via their smart phones to any mobile number.

This service, called Payment Express or PEx, is claimed by the bank to be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Speaking at the launch was Yvonne Chia, HLB's group managing director said the move comes after an investment into research and technology aiming to integrate mobile marketing into its overall digital business strategy.

"The rebranding of Hong Leong Online signifies a revolution in consumer e-banking where we can engage with our customers in a constant non-intrusive manner through multiple platforms to offer differentiated lifestyle banking," she said.

Along with the launch of Hong Leong Connect, the bank has also partnered with DiGi Telecommunications to offer its customers weekly 'Connect Deals' on its site.

Following the likes of Groupon, 'Connect Deals' will offer smart phones and DG Smart Plans on discounted price rates, exclusive for HLB customers.