Hong Leong Bank makes content push towards going cashless

Hong Leong Bank and Naga DDB Tribal have launched a digital day campaign consisting of a series of situational webisodes with the purpose of helping Malaysian customers understand how they can benefit from going cashless.

The three webisodes, each titled "Bye-Bye" pay tribute to popular television cliches of Korea, India, and China, whilst implementing the humorous idea of "breaking up" with cash. The campaign was made to aid Hong Leong Bank's focus on propelling the country's cashless movement forward via growth in adoption of its digital platforms.

Associate creative director of Naga DDB Tribal, Benedict Tan said, "This campaign was a result of a true collaboration between Hong Leong Bank and Naga DDB Tribal, taking the concept of 'cashless' and giving it life in a dramatic fashion". The episode taking inspiration from Korean dramas depicts a dramatic scene of a Korean woman having the serious break-up talk with her love, cash.

Meanwhile the Bollywood inspired campaign shows an Indian woman storming out of her ex-lover's apartment who of course is cash.

The Chinese drama depicts a man having to say a difficult farewell to cash so that he can blossom a new relationship with the credit card.

These come as the bank recently launched its third annual Digital Day to mark its commitment to consumers on enhancing digital means of banking and payments in support of cashless convenience. It also worked with Naga DDB Tribal to showcase various promotions in personal financial services and SME segments for the campaign.

These include cashless promotions across credit card and debit card products; deals both online and at bank branches, special promotions for SMEs that include digital business solutions, guidance and support in establishing official WeChat accounts.

According to the bank, 64.4% of its customers are now utilising digital and mobile platforms for banking transactions. At the end of 2018, its digital adoption saw an increase of more than 20% from last year.

Domenic Fuda, group managing director and CEO said, "The Bank has been focused on delivering solutions that meet the needs, solve problems and remove frictions in the lives of its customers, be it the everyday consumers or business owners through digital transformation and innovation.