Hong Kong Wing Wah’s media commerce plan goes full circle for the full-moon festival

At a glance
: Build brand awareness and amplify sales of mooncakes and wedding cakes.
Solution: Boost buyer intention with a diverse yet multi-faceted media-commerce strategy consisting of exclusive offers, membership giveaways, advertorial content, eDMs, native ads and more.
Results: 500 mooncakes were redeemed through Yahoo App membership giveaways in less than one minute which highly raised brand awareness. Sales greatly exceeded the target.

Big net for big gains
To acquire new audiences for its seasonal mooncakes and wedding cakes, Hong Kong Wing Wah and Yahoo formed the first content commerce strategic partnership, featuring editorial content on Yahoo Shopping, mooncake supplements, as well as membership giveaways through the Yahoo App. Entry points were sprinkled across Yahoo assets including native ads, searches, eDMs and social media to cast a wide web that caters to the entire consumer journey. 

Shorter journey, faster checkout
The essence of the campaign was the omnichannel strategy that shortened the time between thinking and spending what guaranteed a smoother consumer journey. For instance, Hong Kong Wing Wah products were highlighted in editorial features on Yahoo homepages, which brought users to Yahoo Shopping content including branded content, as well as editorial soft topics such as festive food and top 10 wedding cake brands to draw curious users' attention. A total of nine articles were featured and from there, users were directly to the dedicated online booking site for further action. 

Hong Kong Wing Wah's logo and offers were also featured on Yahoo Jetso and Yahoo Shopping main pages, as "Hot Picks”, “Top 10 deals” or “Best Seller” to further grab attention. 

Not a frequent webpage browser? No problem
Tailored to inactive users on the Yahoo platform, an eDM was also sent to reach out to a million users as part of the campaign. The editorial content was reproduced as social media posts, directing audiences to the inclusive e-commerce platform and ecosystem. 

The overall campaign performance far exceeded expectations thanks to core traffic from native ads. It performed three times better than the industry average and boasted a lower CPA. The Yahoo Mooncake supplement and Hong Kong Wing Wah branded content had 500,000 and more than 271,000 page views respectively, resulting in a huge uplift of 600% in Hong Kong Wing Wah branded keywords during the campaign period compared to the pre-campaign stage. 

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