Hong Kong teens gear up for Nerf challenge

Hasbro’s blaster toys Nerf has rolled out its summer campaign “Nerf 決”, with multiple tournaments and events that will run until December.

In Chinese, “Nerf 決” is a pun with dual meanings – refers to ‘the final game’, but it can also mean determination, which is the tournament is designed to promote.

“When we thought about how teens play with Nerf in Hong Kong’s tiny flats, we saw the need to create more brand experience outside of home. Nerf stands for fun and style, of course, and we are looking to take the brand to the next level by transferring the spirit of sportsmanship through playing,” Kennis Chiu, marketing manager at Hasbro Hong Kong Limited, said.

“We want to encourage teens to achieve more by putting their passion in what they love. While they develop their shooting skills and get along with their pals, the goal is to help teens subconsciously learn to behave like a sportsman. Someone who is determined to improve themselves with perseverance.”

“Creating the conditions for teens to learn as they play, the entire action scene was set up under the guidance of airsoft shooting experts,” said Teddy Low, director at SwitchDigital Communications.

“Mobile technology and social networking sites are integral to the event. As a record of achievement, players will be rewarded an automatically generated digital certificate which they could share on Facebook or Instagram. This badge of reward encourages participants to be actively engaged onsite to help spread the fun of social play,” he added.

Hasbro has also teamed up with Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association (HKMMDA), a non-governmental organisation in which a group of industry specialists mentor and bridge multimedia design students with the industry, to produce an augmented reality(AR) experience within this event.

“We are delighted to see more and more opportunities where NGOs and enterprises co-operate to make things happen. Bringing together the bright minds of young, talented students and Hasbro’s resources, such fruitful experience on the job will definitely inspire and motivate our students.” Marva Wong at HKMMDA mentioned.

Client: Hasbro Hong Kong Limited
Creative, social content and event marketing: SwitchDigital communications
Technology support: MudohCloud
Multimedia creative: Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association (HKMMDA)

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