Hong Kong's coronavirus remote workers give a massive boost to the JOOX music streaming platform

 As the Hong Kong government and private companies ask employees to work from home to minimise the chances of contracting COVID-19 coronavirus strain, several industries and online platforms have seen a boost in use. Tencent’s music streaming platform, JOOX, has highlighted some interesting trends on its platform during this period.

The platform previously found that work or school commutes were two peaks when it came to users listening to music. However, as more people have been staying at home, JOOX’s listening time figures have been evenly distributed since its audience is not being bound by specific time frames. JOOX also said that recently, the average desktop login rate had increased by nearly 30%.

As for the types of songs listened to by users, karaoke songs have increased in play by 25%. Quite possibly, the apps “K function” has become more popular as users feel a lot more comfortable singing and interacting with family and friends in the comfort of their homes than at the office.

Norman Tam, general manager for the international business group at Tencent, said: “Recently, there have been more and more people working from home. Based on their music-listening habits, brands can formulate marketing strategies for the music industry such as personalised music and entertainment content to better meet their needs.”

Lastly, songs related to health have become popular among users. Streaming of Dicky Cheung’s classic song Stay Healthy (身體健康) has increased by close to 40 times the previous number, and the number of shares on social platforms has multiplied by 15.

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