Hong Kong Millennials disrupt traditional travel models

Millennials in Hong Kong are dedicated travelers with 74% of them prioritising travel above any other expense, but are savvy bargain hunters with a penchant for luxuries, according to a new global research from ADARA.

The research shows that when compared to their older counterparts, Millennials in Hong Kong are more likely to use digital resources, such as review sites (52% vs. 41% among those 35+) to plan and book their travel – proving that marketers need to adapt their campaigns to reach this audience.

In addition, the research found that:

  • Unlike their counterparts in the US, Millennials in Asia Pacific are more likely to book flights through airline websites (44% in Hong Kong; 44% in Australia; 56% in Singapore vs. 34% in the US)
  • They are also more likely to book hotels through general travel websites (77% vs. 11% hotel sites)
  • They are less likely to be in loyalty programmes. 45% of those surveyed agree: “I don’t think it’s worthwhile to sign up for loyalty programmes.”

Millennials tend to plan ahead compared to older travellers – they start searching for flights 13 days in advance of booking the flight compared to nine days to ensure that they get the experience at the best price.

Hotel searches are no different, with a longer window of eight days prior to booking compared to six days older travellers.

Meanwhile, the study also found that:

  • 37% of Millennials in Hong Kong are willing to pay for upgrades, and are open to purchasing amenities in-flight
  • 31% of Millennials in Hong Kong have stayed in a house or apartment rental (e.g., Airbnb) in the past year compared to only 16% of those 35+
  • 86% have stayed in hotels, and they are more likely to prioritize free Wi-Fi and amenities such as a spa & gym compared to those 35+

The study looked to expose the travel habits of Millennials using focus groups and research to compare attitudes and behaviors among 18 to 34 year olds and 35+ year olds.