Hong Kong marketing salary snapshot for 2018

Links International has released its 2018 Salary Snapshot for marketers and sales professionals for 2018, and found that demand for marketers in Hong Kong has remained steady since Q2 2017, while demand for business development professionals has increased significantly in the same time-frame, particularly in the insurance and IT industries.

Moreover, the shift towards online and e-commerce is continuing at breakneck speed, with added focus on customer experience, loyalty and CRM policies, leading to the demand for digital marketing and e-commerce professionals outpacing the supply in all industries. Those digital marketers looking to move to a different company can expect an average salary increase of a whopping 10-20%.

Interestingly, while Hongkongers still rate salary as the leading factor in career decisions, they are also concerned with company stability and individual fit with the company’s vision, value and culture, according to the report.

Here are the average monthly salaries in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, exclusive of bonuses, stock options or other variable incentives:



The figures above, while overall slightly less optimistic, fall roughly in line with a report about salary projections by Robert Walters in November last year.

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