Hong Kong marketers, are you ready to make better use of data in 2018?

As Christmas approaches, many Hong Kong marketers are busy concluding 2017 and setting marketing goals for the new year. While January is a relatively quiet month in Hong Kong, it is always a good idea to kick start the new year with momentum.

Content and social is king – yet they need to reach the right audience to be effective

If you’ve been reading various marketing trends forecast reports, you know that content, (live) video and social will be imperative in every brand’s marketing mix in 2018, for consumers nowadays expect brands to directly communicate with them, and be original and authentic in their communication – especially the young millennials and up-and-coming young adults from Generation Z.

Yet we also know today’s consumers are overloaded with digital information, making their attention span increasingly short. Only the right message or content that truly appeals to them will get a moment of focused attention. If a nicely crafted ad or piece of content – which marketers spent hours of work on – don’t get to served to the right audience the moment they want it, all those hours of work are doomed to evaporate into thin air.

This is why adopting a data-driven approach is crucial to ensure your message would precisely reach the right audience at the right time, hence boosting your marketing ROI.

Make good use of data tools to understand your brand’s status quo in the market

Having a good grasp of your first-party data (i.e. your brand’s owned data) would be a good starting point to effective data-driven marketing. At the same time, deploying external data platforms or tools can be a cost-effective way to learn more about your brand’s status quo in the market.

At iClick Interactive, we help brands with this using iAudience, our market intelligence solution that enables brand marketers a good look into their market position as well as that of their competitors. Via the tool, brand marketers can intuitively search and define their own target segment using relevant keywords, whether they are crafting a content strategy or planning a digital campaign.

With the segment identified, brand marketers can then look deeper into it and gain meaningful understanding of the group from demographics to psychographics – like what they do, what they like, and what they care about.

Using relevant keywords, brand marketers can easily size up their total accessible market opportunity, and decide if it’s right or big enough for them any time – whether they are planning an overarching branding campaign to reach thousands of Hong Kong consumers, or a specific launch that targets only a well-defined niche of audience.

A data-driven approach can be brand-safe too

While many market intelligence tools stop at the planning stage, iAudience allows brand marketers to activate the actionable insights right away on our platform as well. This can be done via iAccess, our cross-channel data-driven marketing solution, which turns customised audience plans generated on iAudience into multi-channel digital campaigns right away, delivering messages to brands’ customised audience on the right device at the right time – and in a brand-safe environment to ensure positive and relevant brand perception and experience.

By Yoyo Ng, general manager, Hong Kong of iClick Interactive.

Contact Yoyo to learn more about how iClick Interactive’s data platform solutions can help you adopt a data-driven approach in 2018 and achieve higher marketing ROIs right away.