Hong Kong Disneyland tops Facebook most checked-in list

Hong Kong Disneyland has been ranked as the most checked-in attraction on Facebook in Hong Kong, according to Facebook’s first “Year In Review”.

Throughout the year, Disneyland launched several integrated campaigns that stood out with their execution, especially on social media.

In March, the mobile campaign, “Let’s Animate”, provided a platform for users to create customised celebratory e-cards adorned with iconic Disney characters. The campaign synced with social media where users were encouraged to share their works on email, Facebook and Twitter.

Highlighting its visual illusions and special effects, the following launch campaign of its latest attraction Mystic Point also saw a heavy push on social media marketing with a tailor-made YouTube commercial creatively playing around with the website layout.

The most recent Halloween promotion, “Scream-No-More”, also took social media as its central theme. The theme park partnered with local video blogger Ming Jai to create unbranded videos on his YouTube channel to “subtly” introduce the new Halloween theme with a humorous approach.

Wendy Chu (pictured), marketing director at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, said the recognition was attributed to establishing relevant content and being human on Facebook.

“Content is very important in building up the relationship with Facebook fans, considering the relevancy to our audience. We follow a pattern in terms of our Facebook posts, maintaining the 80-20 rule, namely the 80% on non-commercial information and 20% on promotion-related posts,” said Chu.

As an entertainment company, Chu said it was important for Hong Kong Disneyland to maintain proper tone and manner, be creative and be human to create that emotional bonding with consumers.

“People are more likely to interact with a human tone of voice instead of a cold corporate talking. It requires strong word-of-mouth from consumer interaction. With the increasing number of Facebook users in Hong Kong and Asia, our Facebook strategy has been become more essential and its weighting is equally important as any of our traditional marketing tactics,” she said and concluded the recognition further supports the theme park’s choice of putting resources and efforts into non-traditional marketing.

Jayne Leung, head of Greater China at Facebook, said: “Every day Facebook connects over 2.9 million users in Hong Kong to what is important to them. By ensuring they are able to connect and share the most important events of their lives, Facebook has become a part of people’s lives. It is this connection that we value most at Facebook.”

Hong Kong Disneyland took the top spot, closely followed by the other popular local theme park, Ocean Park, with JW Marriott Hotel and Harbour City rounding out the top 10.

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