Hong Kong CMOs reveal marketers' skills shortage

Marketers see data analytics and automation as opportunities, but find AI and Intelligent Assistants as threats to job security in 2018, according to the “LinkedIn Marketing Team of Tomorrow Report” 2018.

Although 41% of people in Hong Kong believe some marketing functions won’t require human labor due to technology, marketers believe that some technology poses threat to the industry as it will reduce the need for human labour. AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots/Intelligent Assistants are seen as the biggest threats to job security in 2018.

Data analytics, marketing automation and programmatic ad buying are the top 3 technologies that marketers are keen on using in APAC. Only 16% of marketers in Singapore and Hong Kong think AR/VR will be a key trend in 2018.

According to the report, APAC marketers are optimistic about 2018 with plans to grow their team and investments. Almost 75% of marketers in Hong Kong are planning to grow their teams, and nearly 90% are increasing their marketing budgets

Specifically, Hong Kong marketers are planning to increase their investment in content marketing (59%), SERO/SEM (61%), big data analytics (58%) and marketing automation (56%).

Marketers see a need to develop a broad range of skills in 2018. Soft skills trumps tech skills as the most in need,  marketers are demanding for cognitive skills, including strategy, CX, problem solving and critical thinking in 2018.

New hires will also be differentiated based on their possession of skills such as strategy and critical thinking, as well as their strengths in relationship building and communication.

The report shows that CMOs will drive global marketing technology spending to US$32.3 billion by 2018,