Hong Kong & China salary guide for marketing and digital released

Hays has released its 'Salary guide 2018' for five markets, including Hong Kong and China. The report is put together on an annual basis and covers recruitment trends, as well as expected salaries across different functions - including marketing and digital.

The guide has found that there has been a significant increase in demand for digital marketing talent in pretty much every industry over the past year, a trend Hays expects to continue into 2018, with top candidates being in a prime position to demand top salaries. "Employers want candidates with both the skills and passion to drive digital transformation projects," the report reads. "The preferred candidate should possess a depth of understanding of the digital playground, plus the necessary soft skills to influence change."

A strong preference for marketers with web analytics experience and those able to provide in-depth data analysis regarding visitor behaviour on websites is also noted in the report.

*Salaries are annual, represented in '000s and in local currency.



Another reflection of the industry at large presented in the report is a continued emphasis on customer experience as a strategic priority for marketing departments, meaning that candidates with "a strong change mindset, along with consumer insights, analytics and CRM experience" are in high demand, and will be for the foreseeable future as brands double down on customer experience to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Interestingly, the report claims that "forward-thinking" businesses are looking for candidates from a broad range of backgrounds, not just those with a background in some form of marketing, "in order to provide a fresh viewpoint and pioneer new strategies using a design-thinking approach."


Aside from retail, Hays expects a big recruitment push from the insurance industry as they are tipped to increase marketing spend significantly - resulting in a need for talent in both traditional and digital marketing. "Brand communication candidates capable of strong idea generation will be in high demand in 2018 and companies should be willing to pay premium salary packages to secure these candidates," the report says.


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