Hong Kong Broadband Network picks Hotmob

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) named Hotmob to take care of the mobile advertising strategy for its newly acquired Wi-Fi service network, Y5ZONE, which covers 100 major locations in the city.

The mobile agency is tasked to manage the ad space on the mobile Wi-Fi login page across Y5ZONE’s café channels, which covers more than 100 Starbucks and 220 McDonald’s and McCafes in Hong Kong.

The target reach is directed to business executives, working professionals, teenagers and families.

”More and more merchants have realised the values of Wi-Fi and the new opportunities it brings to their businesses,” said HKBN’s managing director of Wi-Fi business Billy Yeung, who added that Wi-Fi has evolved into a basic expectation.

Hotmob CEO Johnny Wong, agreed, noting that the demand on mobile internet access in indoor locations is experiencing rapid growth.

“Wi-Fi service has become one of the influential factors to customers for the consideration of shopping malls or restaurants they are going to visit,” Wong said.

HKBN acquired the new Wi-Fi network in mid-January.