HNA lands Fortune Global 500 for the first time

HNA Group has landed on the Fortune Global 500 for the first time, ranking No. 464 with annual revenue of approximately US$25.6 billion.

Founded in 1993, through progress and reform, HNA Group has grown from a local air freight enterprise into a conglomerate with core businesses spanning across aviation, holdings, finance, tourism and logistics.

Its business presence has expanded from Hainan Island – the South Sea Pear to around the world with total assets of nearly RMB500 billion. It owns 10 listed holdings companies and provides more than 110,000 job vacancies for society.

The Group has adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of its business development strategies, as it promotes the corporate culture of “Do good for society, and do good for others” and strives for a better society through action.

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