H&M Malaysia's marketing head Jane Chong moves to Entropia

Jane Chong, the head of marketing for H&M Malaysia has joined Entropia as part of the marketing commerce function, in the latest addition to its leadership line-up.

“As a marketer, I have seen some clear big gaps in what exists in the marketing services industry today. While everyone talks about it, a coherent vision, conviction, and the method, is often missing. I am excited about what Entropia is bringing to the market, and how it could shape our industry,” said Chong.

“Understanding the commercial intricacies of marketing beyond text book models, requires one to have lived where the demand chain actually meets the supply chain; where the shelves court the footfalls. H&M is one of those brands for our times that have struck a wonderful balance between inspiration and relentless value. We are excited to have Chong onboard,” Prashant Kumar, senior partner of Entropia said.

Half of the Entropia’s leadership team have background in senior marketing roles. This is intended to ensure that the focus on what truly matters to clients’ business is never lost. It also seeks to eliminate a lot of second-guessing when it comes to crafting practical and effective solutions to clients’ business challenges.

Entropia is a hybrid of Consulting and Agency, that started earlier this year, has in a very short time won the market’s validation, by winning Etika’s 18 brands portfolio from Carat (includes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Wonda Coffee, Calpis, Goodday etc.); and Nippon Paints (the dominant leader in the Paints category) from Mindshare; apart from a string of other businesses.