H&M lights up amid gloom

Earlier this week, H&M turned on the lights for its LED animated spread that shouts “H&M hearts Hong Kong” on the 126m tall Citic Tower: this is the biggest out-of-home ad since the flagship closed its doors in Central back in July.

Doris Mok, general manager of MEC (the media agency for H&M) said the placement is just to ensure the brand shows face on the Hong Kong skyline on Christmas and countdown and isn’t to stop rumours of the Swedish fashion house – whose only outlet left on Hong Kong Island is in Tai Koo Shing – is pulling out of the city.

“H&M represents the fun in fashion, so we’re always exploring new and fun opportunities even in advertising,” she said. “The placement rides on the festive season to share some fun.”

Vincent Lam, chairman of Asiaray Media Group, which is in charge of media placement on the building, said the size of the ad heralds the brand as the focal point along the Victoria Harbour during both day and night time, when the LED animation lights up to deliver seasonal greetings.

“Outdoor advertising is all about the creation of the ambiances. Every kind of buildings, public places such as markets, parks piers or even transports, somehow has connections with people in daily life. The ambiance evokes special emotions and memories. Such intangible value is hard to be delivered by other media,” he said, adding that advertising on prominent architecture gives the brand a level of prestige.

“From the perspectives of luxury fashion brands, the core values are related to the brand heritage and antique craftsmanship. Advertising on a prominent architectural building in the metropolis can perfectly reflect the prestige and standout the brand message precisely with mass coverage.”