HKTB launches round two of “Spend-to-Redeem Free Tours” programme

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched of a new round of the “Spend-to-Redeem Free Tours” programme, with an increased quota to 20,000. Members of the public can collect machine-printed receipts of at least US$100 from physical dining and retail outlets in Hong Kong, which they can redeem for a free tour. The free tour operators will start taking registration directly from participants on 1 June.

According to HKTB, the new round of the programme offers about 190 different local tours curated by various tour operators, with the itineraries taking at least half a day.  All tours include guided tour services, transportation, one meal, basic insurance and at least two points of interest. As tour operators are conducting preparatory works for the tours, the itineraries will be uploaded in two batches to HKTB’s campaign website. 

The first tours are expected to take place in early June. All participating tour operators in the programme must register their itineraries with the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TICHK) and sign the “Anti-epidemic Undertakings for Local Tours” to ensure the tours have adequate anti-epidemic measures in place.  All participants are required to comply with the government’s latest anti-epidemic requirements, including recording their visits with “Leave Home Safe” mobile app when boarding vehicles and entering venues displaying the “Leave Home Safe” QR codes, including attractions and restaurants.

Dane Cheng, executive director of the HKTB, said that HKTB is launching a new round with more quota to support the trade and keep the impetus for the city’s consumption atmosphere going while warming up the trade, in preparation for the return of visitors. This was in reaction to the enthusiastic response to the first round of the programme and the upcoming summer holiday.

This follows HKTB’s efforts to rejuvenate the domestic economy by launching its “Hello Hong Kong – Holiday at Home” campaign last year in September, encouraging Hongkongers to discover the hidden gems of the city. Apart from the campaign, the HKTB also signed a three-year retainer with Grey Group Hong Kong to continue developing communications for tourism promotion in Hong Kong and worldwide.

On a similar note, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia also rolled out incentive programmes and e-vouchers respectively to encourage domestic travel during this period of restricted travel. Nearby in Singapore, fashion retail brand UNIQLO also partnered up with travel platform Klook to launch a campaign, hoping to inspire locals to explore what their country has to offer with ease and style.

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