HK consumers moving to mobile but at a slower rate

Smartphone traffic is gaining momentum from desktops in Hong Kong, but the growth not as fast as other mature markets, the latest research from Adobe shows.

The research gathered aggregated as well as anonymous data from more than 3,000 websites in Asia during 2016, and compared the overall average versus the top 20% of websites in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand and Southeast Asia across various industries.

In general, consumers across Asia Pacific and Japan continue to use smartphones as the access point to websites in Asia Pacific and Japan, and the overall usage of desktop has dropped. Hong Kong, however, follows the trend at the lowest speed with a 33.1% smartphone visit share, and a 50.6% of browser visits from smartphones.

HK consumers are less engaged to desktop sites as well

While Hong Kong's share of desktop visits ranks top in the region at 59.3%, and that its desktop visit rate has stopped declining and even started to improve for the average sites, a comparison between the visit rates to the time spent on each site shows an overall decrease in the desktop traffic's engagement.

Hong Kong websites suffered the greatest drop from 43.7% to 31.4% when it comes to the percentage of consumers that would read more than one page on a site per visit.

In regard to the stickiness, the percentage of consumers go more than one page deeper into a site, per visit, has decreased across most Asia Pacific countries, and Hong Kong websites suffered the greatest drop in absolute difference when compared to last year. In 2015, the top 20% of websites in Hong Kong ranked in first place in terms of stickiness, at a remarkable 64%, but they have lost the crown after dropping 13.8% of stickiness to 50.2%.

According to the report, people have shorter attention spans and are easily getting distracted on the net, thus brands and marketers need to consider ways to better engage visitors to optimise their time on site.

"Marketers should always remember that the ultimate goal is to generate conversion, so it is the engagement that matters. The higher the engagement, the more likely the conversion will be generated," explained Scott Rigby, head of digital transformation, Asia Pacific, Adobe.

"It is of utmost importance for marketers to look at the content they plan to share, and launch it on the right devices at the right time. It would help Hong Kong marketers if they equally invest time on site engagement activities as much as customer acquisition in order to drive deeper engagement and shine at the top of site stickiness."