HKJC: Digital transformation with Smart Platform Strategy guarantees success, covers every segment of customers

Digitalisation is the key to success when it comes to enhancing the customer journey in this era. To meet the evolving needs, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has enhanced its digital offerings while its HKJC TV App and Racing Touch App have won impressive results in MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's Mob-Ex Awards 2021.

The Racing Touch App campaign won the gold award in the Best Use of UX/UI Design category, and silver and bronze awards in the categories of Best Use of Mobile Integration and Best Use of Mobile – Branded Content respectively. Also, its HKJC TV App campaign won the gold award in the Best Use of Mobile – Lifestyle/Entertainment category as well.

"I would like to thank judges and the organiser, as well as our team members for their team efforts," said Richard Cheung, executive director of customer and international business development at HKJC.

Since 2014, HKJC has launched the “Smart Platform Strategy” with an aim to digitalise wagering transactions and the entire customer journey that consists of seven steps, namely Onboarding, Funds Transfer, Experience Booking, Preparing, Betting or Enjoying, CRM and Customer Services. Cheung said the strategy paid off amid the pandemic as more than 85% of transactions were completed via digital platforms. Currently, over 640,000 customers have registered HKJC's FPS service. Also, over one million racing notes have been created by racing fans, which they can retrieve their notes anytime on their mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives especially during the pandemic. For brands, it is important to leverage this trend to further enhance their offerings and experience. To better meet users' needs, Cheung said HKJC has made efforts to understand customer behaviours across all segments, from newcomers to frequent customers and from Gen Z to seniors.

However, these are not enough. HKJC has also improved its UX and UI design, creating usable products while considering the entire user experience such as pleasure, efficiency and fun.

To create a seamless experience, HKJC has switched its software development methodologies from Waterfall to Agile, which is a team-based approach emphasising on rapid deployment of a functional application with a focus on customer experience. By applying the Agile methodology, HKJC is capable of enhancing flexibility in accepting changes, becoming more customer-centric which results in increased customer satisfaction and having a faster software development lifecycle.

Looking forward, HKJC is planning to further enhance its digital offering. "We have done a lot to achieve the functional features. In the future, we need to add emotional value proposition, including personalisation, social connectivity and gamification," Cheung added.

The article is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.