HKDPB launches piggy-bank campaign for year of the pig

Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board (HKDPB) has rolled out a new advertising campaign and a series of roving art installations, both featuring piggy-banks, to engage students, artists and the public in a city-wide activation and enhance their awareness and understanding of deposit protection.

As piggy-banks are a traditional symbol for fiscal savings, piggy characters are being used in two initiatives to resonate people’s nostalgic feelings towards their first deposits, building a resonance between their fond memories with the importance of savings, and the protection of their savings by the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).  

The roving art installations were launched yesterday at Lee Tung Avenue and The East in Wan Chai, running until 28 February to celebrate Chinese New Year. The art installation will continue to be rolled out to other districts later in the year.  

Themed “Save with Confidence. An Auspicious Year of the Pig”, the campaign features a total of 66 art pieces. The roving art installation displays three life-sized animated piggy-bank characters created by three well-known local illustrators, namely Theresa Lee Wai Chun (13 Dots), John Chan (Din Dong) and Nicky Sun (Picnic by the Motorway). Alongside these are other piggy-bank art pieces designed and produced by students from local primary and secondary schools and colleges across the territory in conjunction with seven local artists, including Chan Gua, Dave Yu, Depp Tse, Felix Leung, Slash Steady, Wah Gor and Zoie Lam.

During the campaign period, HKDPB will also launch handicrafts workshops, games, and short drama productions to engage visitors.

[caption id="attachment_247115" align="alignnone" width="700"] (From left) Pei Sai Leung, director of Hopewell Asset Management Limited, Michael Hui, chairman of HKDPB and William Chan, centre general manager of Lee Tung Avenue Management Company Limited.[/caption]

Aiming to promote the DPS which is going to be launched today, the new advertising campaign features three animated piggy-banks as the main characters of TV commercials, videos and images to target different age groups. An integrated advertising campaign across traditional TV, print, outdoor and digital media will also be implemented to attain maximum synergy, noise and impact.

Officiating at the launch ceremony of the art installations at Lee Tung Avenue, Michael Hui, chairman of HKDPB, said, “We are speaking directly to people across all ages in our new campaigns, using piggy-banks in art and video in a light-hearted yet impactful way, to showcase how they can easily enjoy protection of their savings with the DPS.”

He added this is the first time that HKDPB has engaged the public with art installations. “Education through art and fun, such as the roving piggy-bank art installations, is an important part of our 2019 publicity and community education initiatives to drive home the message that the DPS offers automatic and statutory protection for bank deposits. Depositors will enjoy a maximum protection of HK$500,000 per bank in the event of a bank failure.”