HKAIM launches scheme to link up local digital ad start-ups and publishers

The Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM) has launched the “Hong Kong Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme” to support local digital advertising start-ups and new and emerging local writers by providing subsidies and professional guidance for them to design, produce, and execute digital advertising campaigns for the promotion of designated books.

Publishers are striving to bring digital advertising into the promotion of their publications as an essential element of their future development. The HKAIM believes that the Support Scheme can maximise the strengths of the publishing and digital advertising industries when they join hands to achieve a win-win result.

The Support Scheme, with Create Hong Kong as the lead sponsor, aims to nurture local digital creative talents, as well as promoting a reading culture within the community.

A total of 12 local digital advertising start-ups with less than 5 years of history will be selected to team up with 12 groups of local writers who have published their first works within the recent six years. The Support Scheme will provide a maximum of HKD$198,000 subsidy to each team, to design, produce and execute a digital advertising campaign for the writer's designated book.

Apart from the subsidy, the Support Scheme will also provide professional guidance for the participating digital advertising start-ups to refine their digital advertising campaigns. The digital advertising campaigns produced by these 12 teams, the writers, and their designated books will be further promoted under the Support Scheme's various promotional channels, such as the official website, and social media platforms. These publicity activities aim to create more exposure for the participants.

In addition, a Digital Advertising Design (for Publishing) Awards Competition will be held to recognise the outstanding digital advertising campaigns developed under the Support Scheme. The public will also be invited to cast its vote for the "My Favourite Digital Advertising Design (for Publishing) Award". The winners will be announced and presented with prizes at the Awards Presentation Ceremony scheduled for July 2019.

A promotional booth will also be set up at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2019 to display and promote the digital advertising campaigns developed under the Support Scheme, the participating writers and their designated books. Winning teams of the Digital Advertising Design (for Publishing) Awards Competition will showcase their creative works and achievements on the same occasion.