HK01 features lifestyle offerings in latest OOH campaign

HK01, one of the largest Chinese-language media outlets in Hong Kong, has recently launched a new set of outdoor ads themed “Life is… (#生活係)”. When talking about HK01, most people would first think of its news and information platform, but actually HK01 is also taking a seat in the lifestyle sector.

With more than 60 news and information channels, HK01 has a wide range of lifestyle content including entertainment, food, travel, parenting, technology, and sports, to name a few. Apart from offering news and information, HK01 also owns several lifestyle service platforms which provide all-round, personalised and diversified internet services. For instance, 01Space is a platform dedicated to offering a wide variety of events and activities, allowing customers to book and join these activities. Also, 01mall provides customers with different kinds of products such as gadgets. All these tools enable HK01 to create a one-stop hassle-free booking and shopping experience.hk01 central mtr station With nearly five million monthly unique users, HK01 is also capable of making use of big data, precisely targeting certain groups and offering them information, which can help enhance the effectiveness of publicity.

Recently, HK01 launched a new set of OOH ads featuring four pillars of content, including lifestyle, parenting, health and the economy. These ads offer audiences a full picture of how HK01 has become a “Media +” company, connecting Hongkonger's lives seamlessly. The ads are launched in more than 70 MTR stations, including large themed zones at Central and Kowloon Tong stations, to resonate with Hongkongers. Apart from ads at MTR stations, a truck promotion also started from 20 August until the end of the month. The truck is touring across different districts, with interactive minigames deepening Hongkongers' impression of HK01's lifestyle offerings.

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